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Flood Damaged Room

Water damage is not only annoying, it can also wreak havoc on your property and cause other serious problems if left untreated. It damages carpets, shrinks leather, can ruin furniture and causes other serious problems, so immediate repair is critical to prevent water damage from further destroying your home or business. Water damage should be considered an emergency, as this can also lead to health risks and mould problems, depending on the source.

When you hire a company to carry out restoration work, you should hire qualified experts who are able to identify problems and carry out the restoration efforts that your property needs. Asheville Restoration Pros are experts in repairing water damage, and our team members are trained and certified by the ICRC Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Inspection. Our team is known for following all federal, state and local regulations and also adhering to ICrc’s water reduction policies and procedures.

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restoration water smoke fire mold asheville flooded living room
Water damage is a very real possibility due to burst pipes and other disasters that lead to flooding. The first thing you should do is call in a professional water damage repair team to help mitigate, prevent and repair damage. Here are a few DIY tips to help you fix water damage while you wait for your team to arrive. First, look for potential electrical hazards, pick anything up off the floor you can, and turn off all fans and air conditioning. Next, collect any rugs on a table or raised place in a dry, airy place or hang them up, especially colored ones. Don’t worry, we will bring in the heavy equipment when we arrive. Also, wipe all the wooden furniture down and place a waterproof barrier like aluminum foil or plastic wrap beneath the feet of furniture, especially wooden bookshelves and dressers. Don’t wait, call Asheville Restoration Pros.